Monday, January 27, 2014

Love Letters | Tear-Apart Valentines with Igloo Letterpress

Hey guuuys, how's it hangin'? THIS is a thing I'm pretty excited about sharing. One of the reasons I decided to start freelancing and open my own business is because I wanted take part in more fun, creative projects. Igloo Letterpress is really a dream client. This project is a collaboration for their new Vintage Modern letterpress line that we're currently developing.

THEY'RE TEAR APART VALENTINES, folks! They're a stylish version of the Snoopy valentines you used to stick in your classmate's shoeboxes way back when. Send your sweetie one (or heck, ALL) of these this Valentine's Day and you're guaranteed some Grade A Smoochin'!

Head over here to their etsy shop to purchase!

*Bonus: They're flat cards, and they look pretty darn cute framed-- especially that "Grade A Gem" one. We'll be putting one up in the office. Gotta take pride in your work, amiright?!