Monday, July 1, 2013

Beast Friends Forever No. 1 | Tyler Mele

One of the greatest things about going to an art school and working in the design field is that you meet a TON of incredibly talented, creative folks. Today begins a weekly project of pen-pal interviews with some of those people.

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Tyler Mele has been on the friendship roster for the past couple of years. He's got a sort of bromance going on with my manfriend, so although I've tried many times to get rid of him, the friendship has stuck. Him and his lady love Emily Rickard were in the same year as Dave and me at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

About a year and a half ago, Tyler and Emily decided that California was the place they ought to be, so they left us in Ohio in pursuit of their dreams! In a bizarre twist of events, we've only grown closer to them since they've gone. A fine couple of folks.

Tyler is the King of Animation. He's got a delightful knack for capturing motion and creating fun characters (see his reel below).

Also important to note, after mailing his interview back to me, I got a frantic facebook message asking to amend his answer to the "what your sitcom theme song would be". Tyler has prepared a (currently) 71 song salute to this question in the form of a Spotify playlist. This is, Tyler Mele's Life Soundtrack. The man takes his interview questions seriously, what can we say?

Tyler Mele: Animation Reel from Tyler Mele on Vimeo.

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