Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Imaginary Beast | Business Cards for the Branding Studio!

We had the opportunity last week to add some business cards to one of our print jobs press sheet (this means there was extra room on the paper which would become waste if not used). So that's just what we did! After more than a year of being a full-time branding and design studio, we finally took an hour to make something for our OWN brand!

We'll still be designing some new *official* business cards for ourselves in the future, but for now, we're pretty darn happy to have these guys. Thanks to Shawn Hileman at Masthead Print Studio in Philadelphia for doing such an awesome job on the prints AND for having great customer service. Work with nice people, folks! It makes life much more pleasant!

Also, guess what?! We got an instagram account! We'll be sharing current projects and bit and pieces from our days on there. Check it out and follow if you like: @theimaginarybeast

1 comment:

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